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Our passion in the digital world of sound engineering all started way back in the late '80s when all of the team members are playing with their respective band.

Performing back-to-back on nightly gigs, we became particular when it comes to

sound quality and other technicalities on our performances.

It was back then when we realized our passion for music and audio production that eventually became the starting point of our journey.

We teamed up, collaborating, and sharing our knowledge in sound engineering

as well as the interest in music composition and arrangements.

Long studio recording hours and extensive editing and processing of audio content

became part of our everyday life.
Throughout the years, our post-production works witnessed and experienced the transitions

from analog to advance digital technology in audio and music production.

Now our mission is to share our skills with these new technology advances

and provide everyone with very affordable rates starting with our podcast editing services.


(The True Audiophiles)

We are composed of a team of musicians, audio engineers, and online audio editors

known to offer high-quality work with very affordable rates when it comes to

podcast editing and music production services.

Podcast Editing Express (Logo)

Where It All Began...

Our Story
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