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We'll notify you through email once done! 

You'll receive the invoice link & the

download link to your final podcast.

For only $0.50 / minute of

raw audio length! 






(Click here every time you upload your episodes

or send any additional files)


Send any of your podcast files for editing.

 - Host unedited audio track

-Guest unedited audio track

- Intro/outro, music, ads, etc

- ID3 tag info/cover art

- Instructions in notepad, etc

Editing and processing include:
 - Reduction of  hiss, hums, echo & mouth noises
 - Removal of unwanted parts, ahhs, umms & pauses
 - Fixing voice levels and balance  
 - Mixing supplied intro/outro and music
 - Mastering to industry-standard loudness

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We accept PayPal and Major Credit or Debit Cards.
You will receive an email with the link for the invoice generated by Paypal.

Even without Paypal account, the option ''Pay with Debit or Credit card'' is available.

Posting Services to Hosting Sites and Show Notes

Currently, we don't have any uploading services to any hosting sites.

We also don't create show notes at this time.

You only have three revisions per episode and is not included within the 48-hour turnaround timeframe.

Additional per revision rate is $10 (4th revision), and only up to three edits are allowed. 

The additional revisions are computed depending on the number of edits and will have separate billing.

Pricing (as low as $10 per episode!)

We provide very affordable audio editing rates for up to 50% less compared to other podcast editing companies.

Our podcast editing rate is only $0.50 / minute based on the raw (unedited) audio length of your podcast.
So an hour length of the raw audio file will only cost $30 that covers all the premium editing features, including your MP3 ID3 tag info & cover art if available. However, we have a minimum audio editing rate that starts at $10.00 that applies to your unedited audio files having a 20-minute and below durations.



48-hour Turnaround Time 

The 48-turnaround time applies only to 1 podcast episode per day for each client with a podcast length of up to 90 minutes.
However, you may submit multiple podcast episodes at the same time, but we will have it queued.

The 48-turnaround time immediately starts once we find your unedited files ready and all good for editing.
We base it on the timestamps of your uploaded files.

File Submissions

Start by clicking the ''Send Files Here'' button and fill out the required fields. Submitting your files will redirect you to the uploading window of Dropbox. You can also message us the path of your podcast files if you have already created a download link.
We will email the order details & summary of your podcast once done with the checking and evaluation of your uploaded files.

Composed of professional sound engineers and skillful online audio editors

with more than 20 years of work experience doing freelance services respectively. 

Our passion and expertise in the field of audio and music business ensure you

the optimal and studio-grade quality delivery of your podcast audio.

Our production and post-production hub is located here in the Philippines.

Known to be very competitive in terms of inexpensive services

but with high-quality output standards as compared to other podcast audio editing companies.


@ Podcast Editing Express, our mission is to give you

the best podcast editing service experience!

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